Pure and Simple

Unaltered from its deep source to the bottle on the table, the purity of Antipodes is its hallmark.

Fine water is a central element in the enjoyment of wine and cuisine - its sole purpose is to hydrate and refresh, whilst cleansing the palate. For this reason we sought out the source of Antipodes deliberately to offer a mineral water that is perfectly suited to enhancing fine dining.

We’ve never wanted Antipodes to dominate the table with height or strongly coloured glass. We believe the heroes of the occasion should be the wine and food, not the water bottle. So we made ours unobtrusive and we kept its design clean and simple. We wanted it to look as pure on the outside as it is on the inside.

In its minerality artesian water naturally carries the fingerprint of the geology through which it flows. For premium waters this clear mark of origin is their identity. The subtle minerality present in every taste of Antipodes is an expression of its terroir.

High mineral content is common in many waters, but it has a significant drying and flavouring effect on the palate. Antipodes has a very low natural minerality, comprised mainly of silica. This makes it the ideal table water for any occasion.

We’re proud that our water is now poured around the world in many of its finest restaurants.

Pouring near you

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/an-tip-o-deez / n.pl.

  1. Australia and New Zealand from the perspective of Europe;
  2. A pair of points, places or things that are diametrically opposite each other; antipodal a.; situated on the opposite side of the globe;

antipodean a.; of, relating to or from the Antipodes

The meaning of the word antipodes is at the very heart of our water – it is quite literally poles apart. To us it represents both a place of origin and an attitude to everything we stand for.